Friday, 21 May 2010

Enduring Love

This was a piece I did in response to Ian McEwans' 'Enduring Love'. We had a choice of a few books and I chose this one, as I'd already read it, though I wasn't that inspired by it. I decided to practice my  photoshop skills which was useful. Looking back at it now there is a lot I was changed, I like the silhouettes but I really don't like the top left corner.

This is the is the second one. I like some of the photoshop effects, I would definitely look for a better font though. This project taught me that I have more of a style than I thought I did, and perhaps trying to make my work into something that doesn't come naturally won't be successful.


Anna said...

Sorry to be narciscistic, but is that me????

Bett said...

oh it does look a bit like you! if i was being incredibly unflattering! no, I'm afraid its just a girl from a magazine, the visiting tutor hated it.

Anna said...

Haha. Ok!